You’ve invested a lot of time, money and effort into your product, so choosing the right shipping company is a must if you want to protect your product’s integrity. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) medications need to be stored at specific temperatures to maintain their effectiveness. Heat and high temperatures can render some medications inert, permanently alter the consistency of creams of balms and render non-drug items like condoms totally useless. Medicine doesn’t fare much better in cold conditions; some compounds can break down and the consistency of gels ad liquids can be destroyed if they are frozen. While shipping at an optimal temperature is a must, other factors come into play when shipping an expensive or controlled medicine; at Road Scholar, our goal is to protect your product in a variety of ways and ensure that it always arrives on time and in pristine condition. Here’s how we do it:

5 Benefits of Using Road Scholar for your Pharmaceutical Shipping Needs

Eliminate Variances in Temperature that Could Damage your Freight

Keeping medications and medical supplies at an optimal and safe temperature from the point of origin is a must; storing items that have already been altered by temperature at the right conditions won’t help medication regain its correct consistency or effectiveness. Our  temperature protect service is designed to keep your shipment at an optimal temperature until it arrives at its destination; your Road shipping options include frozen, refrigerated and heated trucks so you can choose the perfect setting for your product. Shipping at the right temperature and into the right environment ensures that your product arrives in pristine and viable condition and that it is ready for the end user.

Innovative Control Systems

Your shipment is in good hands from the moment we accept it, and our integrated control systems allow us to easily track  your delicate pharmaceuticals and verify that the conditions on board are always optimal for your product. 24/7 access to shipping and temperature details make it easy to get your product where it needs to go and to verify that it is kept at the right temperature every step of the way.

Geofencing for Added Security

If you are shipping a controlled substance or one that is a high risk for theft, our geofencing service is designed to give you peace of mind. Our fleet is monitored and your driver or fleet manager can be notified if your shipment leaves a designated area. Better tracking makes for easier inventory control and more peace of mind for you, too. We track both the tractor and trailer portion of your shipment for added security.

Easy Online Monitoring

Want to know where your goods are – and how they’re being cared for? Our online monitoring makes it easy for you to get all of the details you need in real time. Learn where your shipment is, what temperature the trailer interior is reporting and make adjustments in real time; our online makes it easy to know exactly where your products are.

Enhanced Security

We know your medical shipment is a high risk proposition and our security measures are designed to ensure that your vaccines, medications and related products arrive safely at their destination. Our drivers are top performers in the industry, each is required to go through extensive screening and to have a minimum of a decade’s worth of driving experience. Criminal background checks, Haz Mat certifications and full vetting ensures that your valuable products are in safe, professional care from the moment we pick them up.

Learn more about Road Scholar Freight and our innovative Temperature Protect Program and what we can do for your most important shipments by contacting us or following our blog for the latest shipping innovations and news.

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