LTL Optimization

We understand the changing needs and fast paced nature of your distribution and shipping program. Our innovative Less than a Truckload, or LTL, shipping program is designed to offer you the best of both worlds, the shipping service you need combined with cost effective pricing solutions. By combining your shipment with other pieces but maintaining the integrity and safety of your product with our tough internal security gates, our LTL program allows you to take advantage of the lowered shipping cost without sacrificing quality or security.

Learning more about LTL optimization can help you make the optimal choice for your shipping needs. If you are constantly faced with holding shipments until you have a full truckload, or shipping incomplete trailers (and paying for space you are not using), then LTL services might be right for you.

LTL Optimization Benefits 

Lower shipping prices: You don’t have to pay for the entire truck if you are only using a portion of it. LTL shipping allows you to pay for only the portion of the trailer you use. By combining your shipment with other freight, you can reduce the amount of money you spend getting your product where it needs to go, without sacrificing security and the integrity of your shipment.

Secure, protected shipping: Our innovative internal shipping gates allow us to secure your freight and keep it separate from other items. You can see our gates in action on our video channel; using a security gate allows us to restrict access and protect the integrity of your product in real time.

True shipment optimization: We can evaluate your needs and design an LTL program that not only saves you money, but meets your scheduling and delivery goals, too. LTL shipping combines the best value for your shipping dollar if you have less than a full truckload to convey.

Full reporting: With LTL shipping, you get the same great service, security and attention to detail that you are accustomed to from our regular service. You will still be able to track your shipment and see what’s going on in real time, every step of the way.

Contact your Road Scholar rep to learn more about the benefits of LTL shipping and what it can do for your product and business. Our goal is to help you get the best possible value on the most secure shipping and logistics service in the marketplace today.