High Security Shipping


Road Scholar Transport’s unique Pentagon Distribution Model (PDM) includes a 5 point program designed to keep your cargo safe. Our comprehensive operating model includes offering the right equipment, innovative technology, and a culture of safety designed to protect your freight every step of the way.

 A Culture of Safety

Road Scholar employees are carefully screened to be sure that every worker who handles your shipment does so with care and respect. Our careful risk assessments mean you don’t have to worry about the people who come into contact with your products and who are charged with getting your items safely from one location to another. We perform rigorous criminal background tests and drug testing to ensure that your freight is in good hands.                                                                            

Securing your Freight

Whether you choose a full size reefer van or utilize one of our unique security gate trucks for smaller shipments, your freight will be carefully protected throughout its journey. Electronic door monitoring and enhanced facility security ensure that your products stay secure at every point of their journey. Reefer vans provide more than just ecure transport; they provide a stable, temperature controlled environment for your products, too.

Our trucks are equipped with innovative Qualcomm tracking, which allows drivers to relay emergency alerts in real time; and vehicle disabling systems which can prevent theft or unauthorized operation. Minute by minute updates allow you to know where your shipment is in real time.

Location and Tracking

Need to know exactly where your shipment is – in real time? Reefer tracking can alert us and allow us to instantly locate your freight. Our innovative SkyBitz is designed to track and locate all equipped vehicles, including mapping the most recent and historic locations, immediate notification or status changes and even send reports of door openings or closures.

Geo-Fencing provides a security perimeter for our trucks and sends out an instant alert if a vehicle is moved outside of a designated area. We also employ roof decals, making it easier to track our vehicles from the air and instantly locate a truck from above.

Temperature Controlled Shipping

Our reefer vans equipped with Arisis not only offer details about each vehicles location and history, they also allow you to receive temperature alerts and history. Temperature sensitive cargo can be transported in a vehicle that is equipped for remote temperature setting; this feature is particularly helpful when transporting sensitive goods during a tough winter.

We’re proud of our long safety record and commitment to keeping your cargo secure. Learn more about the benefits of shipping securely with Road Scholar Transport and how we can help you get your freight safely to its destination every time.