Trucking for food service companies is a delicate process. You want your food to be delivered on time and in good, edible condition. If the trucking company doesn’t do things correctly, your food could be spoiled and unusable, costing you a lot of money in lost revenue the food would have brought you. Therefore, you want to select your food service trucking company carefully, and only work with the best.

Road Scholar Transportation is the best in the industry when it comes to trucking for food service companies. We are superior for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Our trucks offer temperature protection for all types of needs, including frozen, refrigeration, and heating to keep foods of all kinds fresh from Point A to Point B
  • An unlimited number of temperature alerts that are defined by the user, so you will always know your food is being transported at the proper temperatures, and so will our drivers
  • A log of the history of the temperature inside the trailer during its entire journey, so you will have no concerns that your food may have been spoiled at some point along the way
  • All trailers are food grade safe, meaning they have aluminum floors and are kept to the highest sanitary standards at all times
  • Electronic door monitoring, to make sure the door to the trailer has not been opened at any unauthorized point during the journey
  • Redundant traceability available on both the tractor and the trailer

At Road Scholar Transportation, we offer high quality transportation services for food of all kinds, and guarantee you will be pleased with the results of our shipment each and every time. We are a member of Cargonet, and our trucks are equipped with Navalock and Reefer tracking. You will always be at ease and feel secure in knowing your food, as well as your investment in it, will get there in perfect condition, safely, securely, and fresh, each and every time you use us.

See how secure shipping saves you more than time and money.

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