Deck Trailers: Increase Productivity Without Compromising Safety

As Mid-Atlantic transportation experts, Road Scholar rises to the challenges that are often faced by transportation professionals. While getting freight to its destination safely and on time is the goal, it often takes creativity and ingenuity to find solutions to the unique situations that arise. Shipping fragile freight has previously necessitated that it be spread over more trailers as it cannot be safely stacked. 

Our Deck Trailers Expand Your Shipping Capabilities

Our deck trailers can easily be customized to accommodate different size loads without relying on materials such as plywood. The sturdy height beams can be easily adjusted to increase the amount of productive space within our trailers. 

Shipping professionals who specialize in fragile freight, or who find themselves with such a shipment occasionally, often contract out for double the trailers to protect their freight. Deck trailers can easily be customized to suit any load you need to ship, allowing you to do so without concerns about breakage while also increasing productivity.

Benefits of Deck Trailers

Our deck trailers provide a number of benefits that are unparalleled when compared to traditional trailers. By using a deck trailer, the contents of two trailers can be safely and efficiently consolidated into one, concise shipment. This consolidation allows Road Scholar Transport customers to:

  • save on shipping costs over the long run
  • loading and unloading are simplified due to the unique deck beams
  • protect fragile loads that could otherwise become damaged 
  • reduce your ecological footprint by combining shipments
  • easily load shipments via forklift to ensure equal weight distribution without compromising the safety of its contents
  • sharply reduce the mileage and fuel costs associated with shipping two separate loads 

For more than 20 years, Road Scholar Transport has been offering innovative shipping solutions to its customers. Our deck trailers are one solution that we provide as a method of meeting your unique needs for moving loads. Road Scholar Transport works closely with transportation professionals to develop the shipping solution that is best for them. Contact us today to learn more about our deck trailers and other options for shipping.