Welcome to Road Scholar Transport, where we offer you a variety of shipping options for your transportation needs. If you are a chemical company or wholesaler who needs to transport both benign and dangerous chemicals across long distances, we ar the transportation company you want to use to accomplish the task.

We stand out from other transportation companies in the area when it comes to shipping chemicals of all kinds. This is due to our vast array of services we have incorporated into our business to make sure your chemicals get from Point A to Point B safely for everyone who will be handling them on either end.

Some of the services we offer for chemical shipments include:

  • Hazmat certified drivers. You can feel secure in knowing your chemicals are being transported by people who know what they are doing and are experienced with your type of chemical and the best way to transport it.
  • On-board technology to prevent rollovers and collisions. This ensures safety of delivery and allows us to avoid accidents that cause dangerous chemical spills into the environment.
  • Professional truck drivers with a lot of experience. Our drivers are all thoroughly background checked, and are also subject to safety tests that go way beyond the standards of the industry to make sure your chemicals are transported as safely as it is possible to do so.
  • Temperature-controlled trailers for our truck cabs, for transporting chemicals that need to remain under certain temperature conditions.

Also, our trailers come with ReeferTrak, which gives us an edge on the competition. ReeferTrak lets us tell our customers the times when the reefer was turned on or off, the times when the trailer doors were closed or opened, the location and current status of any shipment, the temperature in the trailer during any given time, alerts of changes in temperature while the chemical is in transit (and he ability for us to change the temperature remotely if it is necessary), a history of the temperature in the trailer, electronic monitoring of the trailer doors, and redundant traceability on both the cab and the trailer.

When you have the need to transport chemicals of any kind across short or long distances, call on Road Scholar Transportation. We focus on security for your chemicals, as well as safety. We are a member of Cargonet, and all of our trailers are equipped with Navalock and van tracking, in addition to ReeferTrak. You won’t find another company in the marketplace that will be able to keep your chemicals secure from departure to destination like we can do for you.

The next time you need to find a shipment company for your chemicals, call Road Scholar Transportation. We are ready and willing to take care of your every shipping need and exceed your expectations every time. Let us show you what true excellence in chemical shipping via trucking companies is really like. We promise you will be pleased with what we have to offer you and your company.

See how secure shipping saves you more than time and money.

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