Awareness Program

Making sure freight gets to its destination is a very important job. So is raising awareness for causes that are valuable to society. Founded in 1998, the people behind Road Scholar Transport know the significance of both of those things. With our “rolling billboards,” we’re doing both! With freight shipping services that can save you time and money, along with trailers that are painted to support various causes, we can get the job done and remind people of the value of helping others at the same time. We support more than two dozen awareness campaigns, and that number is continuing to grow. There’s value in supporting others, and when we can do that with more than our shipping services, we know we’ve made a difference in people’s lives.

Keeping the freight moving toward its destination and keeping awareness moving toward help, hope, and cures are both huge parts of our company – and we can’t do it without the help of our customers. With 105 tractors, 300 trailers, and 65 refrigerated units, we take what we do seriously. The more freight we can move, the more people will see our tractors and trailers all decked out to provide awareness for all types of conditions. Some of our charities include SIDS awareness, Lylas Hope, Autism Speaks, the American Breast Cancer Foundation, the Make a Wish Foundation, Stop Bullying, the American Red Cross, and Sky High for St. Jude.

With our rolling billboards, we can be huge advocates for causes that are important to us and to our customers. Through their help and support, we’ve been able to work with a number of companies and organizations. Advertising for them reminds people all across the country that many diseases and conditions still afflict people who are hoping and waiting for a cure. The more our customers get involved, the more causes we can help with our tractors and trailers. Not only does that make us feel great, but it can restore hope and save lives. When you ship freight, consider using us – and let us continue to help support valuable causes and people who need help and hope.

Whether you are looking for expedited freight options, high security shipping, truckload services, LTL freight services, or temperature controlled freight, we have what you need. Getting freight to its destination is only part of the equation. It needs to arrive safely, on time, and in good condition. Our freight experts are dedicated to ensuring any freight you send gets where it’s headed the right way, and arrives when expected. We even have next-day service in select zip codes, in case you need to move a large shipment of goods quickly. We will help you get your freight where it needs to go, and we thank you for helping us raise awareness for causes that matter, by using our company for your shipping needs.